The Most Affordable YSL Bags

The main disadvantage to buying a designer purse is the cost. Most designer bags cost well over a thousand dollars, which means they aren’t a smart investment for a lot of those who want them. However, sometimes, you can get lucky and find great deals on designer bags in warehouse stores and auction websites. There are a lot of cons to buying from third party websites, for example, sometimes you won’t know if the bag you’re buying is authentic until it arrives at your door. But there are cheaper bags available from every designer line, including the extraordinary YSL.

The “Blogger” Bag

YSL Bags

The “Blogger” Bag is one of the cheapest bags offered by YSL and the reason for its name may not be the nicest. At 995 dollars, the “Blogger” Bag isn’t what most people would consider “cheap” but when you compare it to the prices of some of the brand’s other bags, it’s a steal.

The reason behind the name is that it’s styled to look like something a fashion blogger would where on the streets of NYC or Los Angeles. The bag is pretty itty bitty, measuring approximately 4.7 inches wide and 2.1 inches thick, which really just makes it a very expensive, designer phone case. But who cares about the size as long as you have the designer label?

Any Bag in the YSL “Sale” Section

One of the reasons the fashion house is so great is because they actually have a Sale Section on their website where you can buy YSL bags, and there’s actually a lot of great options. Some of their bags are marked down by hundreds of dollars, like the Classic Baby Sac de Jour Bag. Again, 1,859 dollars isn’t what the 99 percent would consider cheap but buying this bag versus one not on sale means you have 500 extra dollars in your bank account.

At the moment, the website has about ten handbags for sale so if you are in the market for a designer handbag, check it out before the deals disappear.

Finding affordable handbags straight from the designer isn’t impossible. YSL offers sales on its high-end designs that are starting to “go out of style” right on the company website with amazing discounts. The YSL “Blogger” Bag is a great, affordable bag offered by the brand. Although it might not be Target cheap, it is still a great option if you are looking for a designer bag (or cell phone case) to carry on your shoulder.