Replica Designer Bags Are Looking More And More Like The Real Thing

Very detail-orientated workers make designer bags individually. Whether they are manufactured in Italy or China, each bag is handcrafted with love and care. Because of the amount of care that goes into every designer bag and other factors they can cost quite a pretty penny. The cost and demand of designer bags have lead people all over the world to create replica designer bags, or “knockoffs.” Though some look worse than others, some replica designer bags are starting to really look like the real thing.

Knockoff or Not: How to Spot the Difference

Replica Gucci Bag

There are a number of ways to spot the difference between a real and a knockoff bag. Often, the materials used for the handbag can tell whether or not it’s a knockoff. For example, if the leather smells like chemicals it’s probably a synthetic, which means it’s fake. If the zippers don’t close and open smoothly then you’re probably holding a knockoff.

However, on first sight, the differences between the two are starting to become harder to spot, especially if you buy the bag online. However, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is and you need to use your detective skills to find the differences.

If They Look Real, Does it Matter?

Does it matter if you own a knockoff? It depends on why you want a designer bag. The reason purchasing a fake bag is frustrating is because you’re paying a lot for something that isn’t “real.” However, if you find a really cheap knock off that really does look like the real thing then it’s up to you. If you just want the look, then it might not matter as much compared to someone who wants the prestige of owning a designer bag.

Owning a designer bag is a status symbol to many. It shows the world you had the money to buy the bag and the confidence to show it off. However, because of the cost of designer bags, many have started making replicas in to sell at lower prices. Buying a replica designer bag can be frustrating if you want the real thing and you thought you were getting a great deal. But if you just want the look and you don’t care how you get it then it might not be a big deal. Remember, you can find great deals for designer bags on sites like Overstock as they circulate designer labels through their stock at discounted prices.